White Cement Production Line

White Cement Production Line

White Cement Production Line

This new type white cement production line is a kind of process mainly used for small, medium and large-scale cement plants. Its preheater employs outside kiln precalciner. Capable of utilizing the waste heat from kiln inlet to decompose raw meal, this line is good at saving electricity and heat. Its closed production line makes it possible to reduce its ambient dust pollution to less than 50mg/Nm3. Besides, its capacity to make use waste heat makes it quite cost efficient for users.

Process characteristics of white cement production line

1. Two limestone crushing three screening washing.

The part of the limestone is a jaw crusher, and the second part is a hammer crusher. In a broken after lime stone three screening, once, three times screening line screen, secondary screening for rotary screen and water to wash, after three times the screening into hammer breaking. This can ensure that the pure limestone into the plant without impurities.

2. Preparation of raw materials with dry and wet.

In the production of white cement with siliceous raw materials using quartz sand and pyrophyllite, in order to reduce the siliceous dust pollution to the environment, pyrophyllite after Hubei broken roller press two-stage crushing into two parallel wet separate grinding mill. Wet grinding the use of rubber lining board and pebble grinding body and raw material vertical mill grinding roller and the grinding disc using alloy materials, to reduce in the grinding process of metallic iron mixed with.

3. The material cooling system is quite complex.

ShuLiao out at the mouth of the kiln, first by a high temperature roller crusher, and then into the bleaching machine water quench to about 100 DEG C, bleaching machine guessed by the conveying equipment transported, because of white cement clinker in the process of water quenching guessed all sensible heat has become water vapor evaporation can not be recycled, resulting in white cement burning heat consumption is much higher than that of ordinary portland cement.

4.The cement packaging section.

In addition to the finished cement has 1 tons of large bags of packaging, but also an increase of 1 tons of packaging equipment packaging equipment; cement packaging machine according to the needs of white cement sales, in addition to 50 kg of paper bags, 1 kg and 25 kg of paper bags into the bag.