Quarry Crusher

Quarry Crusher

Quarry Crusher

The development of infrastructure in China is very rapid in recent years, such as airports, high-speed rail, highway, bridge and tunnel, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower facilities, as well as the real estate industry, the high quality raw materials demand is increasing. We have many technical experts in the field of crushing and screening in China, and they have the powerful ability to develop new products.

Quarry crusher equipment commonly includes jaw crusher, crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher or sand machine, cone crusher, etc.Quarry crusher is widely used in stone production line, sand production line, sandstone production line and so on. Now, Shanghai state has developed a new quarry crushing equipment called mobile quarry crusher.

Quarry Stone Production Line

Stone crusher is very important in the quarry stone processing production line. Quarry processing is as follows: A large quarry through a funnel; stone is sent by vibrating feeders evenly to the jaw crusher, crushing primary. After crushing, the small stones are sent through the conveyor belt and broken by the two crusher. Small stones are then screened out by different types by vibrating screens. The size of the stone meets the requirements and is sent to the pile through the conveyor belt, while the rest of the stone is sent back to the impact crusher to shatter.

Application Of Mobile Quarry Crusher

Mobile quarry crushers are now widely used not only in quarry industry, but also in construction waste and municipal waste. The quarry mobile crusher such as unit, mobility and flexibility, reduce material treatment cost, direct and effective operation, and the ability to adapt to flexible configuration, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and comprehensive effect, so many advantages compared to the traditional crusher.

Selection Of Quarry Crusher In Quarry Production Line

The quarry production line is composed of numerous equipment for crushing sand line, the quarry crusher selection is particularly important, currently on the market or types of crusher crusher manufacturers rich quarry for different mineral crushing operations, crushing equipment used and different stages of the crusher will be different, but the jaw crusher is indispensable, so the quarry crusher jaw crusher for how to choose.

1.Particle Size Selection

The stone is a hard material of large or medium particle size, which can be crushed, smashed and smashed with different shapes of teeth on the tool;For small, hard materials, crushing, impact, grinding, crushing tools, surface toothless teeth, is smooth.

2.Abrasiveness Type Selection

For quarry crusher equipment, highly abrasive material can be crushed mainly, the surface of the crushing tool is smooth;Abrasive material, using impact, strike, grinding, grinding tools, with sharp jaw tooth crusher, etc.

3.Other Properties Of Materials

For ductile materials, it is generally recommended to use shear or rapid strike, and generally do not recommend the use of jaw crusher;For quarry multi component material crushing, the choice of crushing under impact, but also a combination of a variety of force field.