Hammer Mill With Cyclone

Hammer Mill With Cyclone

Hammer Mill With Cyclonee

The small hammer mill is an advanced timber mill crushing equipment, crusher in the absorption of a variety of advantages, based on the full use of cutting, impact, grinding and other theories of well-developed.The cyclone dust collector is a kind of dust removal device. Dust removal mechanism is containing dust airflow rotation, with the aid of the centrifugal force will be dust particles from the flow separation and trapping in the wall, with the action of gravity makes the dust particles into ash hopper. Each component of the cyclone has a certain size proportion, each of the changes in the relationship can affect the efficiency and pressure loss of the cyclone, including the dust collector diameter, the air inlet size, the diameter of the exhaust pipe as the main factors. In the use of time should be noted that when more than a certain limit, the favorable factors can also be transformed into negative factors.

Application of Hammer Mill With Cyclone

Water droplets type series crushers can be crush various kinds granular feed raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat kind, legume, broken the bread after class and other materials.This machine rotor with specially designed, with two different hammer sieve clearance, one for coarse crushing, one for fine crushing, can solve some users to produce livestock and poultry feed, and they want to fish feed production needs. Now we have been exported to Spain, Australia, Oman, Thailand, South Korea, Zambia and so on.

Working principle of Hammer Mill With Cyclone

The material needs to be ground be fed into the top intake port through the feeding device which matches this hammer mill, enters into the grinding room from the left or right side through intake direction plate. Under the beating of high speed rotating hammer and the rubbing effect of screen, material is grinded gradually, and discharged from the seat discharging port through screen holes under the effect of centrifugal force and airflow.